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CD or DVD Printing with the Epson XP-800 on an iMac with Mountain Lion

I needed a printer with the capability to print CDs or DVDs in ones and twos. After a little internet research, I settled on the Epson XP-800. I went to the store, picked one up, brought it home, set it up, and tested it. No matter what I tried, I could not get it to display its ability to print CDs/DVDs. The option just would not show up on any of the print menus. I was trying through the bundled Epson Print CD software. I looked for the solution in both the Apple and Epson support pages, forums, and blogs. No luck.

I finally stumbled on the solution. It was so simple that I felt like a total clown. But since I couldn’t find it anywhere else, I will put the solution here.

First of all, the included data disc has an old version of all the drivers and applications. Don’t use it. Instead, go to the Epson XP-800 Drivers & Downloads page. I visited it just now, so here is the link. If you are running something other than OS X 10.8.x, hit the refresh button so the site can determine the OS you are using. Once at this site, download the “Drivers and Utilities Combo Package” which you will find under the Drivers heading. Next, if you plan to use Print CD, download it from under the Utilities heading. Now you have an updated version of the applications and utilities that are on the bundled disc.

Use the newly downloaded Drivers and Utilities and Combo Package to install your printer. Then install Print CD if the combo package doesn’t do it for you.

Now here is the important part. (Click on any image for a larger view in a new tab)

Go into the System Preferences app and click on Print & Scan. This is what you should see.

Notice that next to Kind, the display reads “EPSON XP-800 Series-Airprint”. The AirPrint part is the OS X default print utility. And it is the problem preventing you from printing CDs/DVDs. So delete the printer using the ” – ” button below Printers. Here is where it is at:

You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the printer. Confirm the deletion. Then press the plus button you will find here:

In the resulting box, in the main window select “EPSON XP-800 Series Bonjour Multifunction”. Then in the USE dropdown menu (where AirPrint is selected by default) select “EPSON XP-800 Series”. Once you’ve done that, finish off by clicking the “Add” button.

You will come back to the main Print and Scan page. Set the newly added printer as your default. Then your window should look like this:

Notice that next to Kind, you do not see the word “AirPrint” next to the printer name. You’re all set.

If you choose to use Epson Print CD, you will need to set the printer. So in the application, click File then click Print. Here is the menu you will see:

Notice that, next to Printer, the display reads Not selected. Simple fix. Above that, click the Select Printer button. In the resulting menu, select “EPSON XP-800 Series” and click OK.

Now, next to Printer, you will see EPSON XP-800 Series. Happy printing!

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  1. Liam Foster

    Thanks so much for your great help, absolutely brilliant. It worked a treat. Thanks, again and Best Regards, Liam Foster

    December 14, 2013 at 12:47 pm

  2. That’s great news, Liam! I’m glad this was able to help you out.

    December 15, 2013 at 9:41 pm

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